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FES in Asia runs activities that help promote social justice, shape the economy of tomorrow, and enhance cooperation for freedom and security. At the heart of our work is a worldwide network of offices through which FES conducts educational and advisory activities and facilitates dialogue in over 100 countries. Jointly with our partners across the region, the FES Office for Regional Cooperation in Asia (ORCA) in Bangkok, Thailand, leads our regional activities in the areas of international affairs, tomorrow’s global order and economy, and communications.

Latest news and events from Asia


How to ensure a just transition towards climate neutrality? Case studies from China

China, which emits by far the most greenhouse gases in the world, aims to become climate neutral by 2060. A number of case studies show the social implications of this plan.


International Workers' Day 2023: Empowering Workers' Voices across Asia

We are recognizing workers in various sectors and industries across Asia. Their stories are the testament to the reality of their life and work conditions. There is no better way to learn how to empower the workers than seeing and hearing the stories through their lens.


New collective bargaining skills help Bangladesh’s tea picker fight for fair conditions

Workers in Bangladesh’s renowned tea plantations have been fighting injustice and exploitation for more than a century. Trade unions have made some recent progress in improving their working conditions, but much remains to be done.


Fighting elections and gender inequality at the same time in Pakistan

Pakistani women have been striving for rights and representation along the history of Pakistan’s politics. What has been progress towards more gender equality? What could be the way to overcome patriarchy in politics? Find the answers with Nida Usman Chaudhary.


Nepal’s tea industry: A cup of reality

Nepali tea has great international market potential as colleagues of FES Nepal learned during a recent visit to Jhapa (Eastern Nepal). However, challenges remain to fully realize the potential for Nepal’s tea sector due to the lack of certification and testing, branding issues, and poor working conditions and limited access to social protection for tea workers.


A geoeconomic tsunami

The reorganisation of the world economy is in full swing. To survive, not only companies but entire nations need to adapt their development models


Key concerns of Mongolian public revealed by deliberative democracy event

Mongolia’s path to become a parliamentary democracy is unique. A public consultation now revealed where Mongolian citizens see potential for democratic progress: fewer restrictions on public gatherings, freedom of expression and more political transparency.


Breathing easy for the future: Mongolia needs better long-term measures against air pollution

In Ulaanbaatar, the air was thick with pollution during the six cold months of the long Mongolian winter. Immediate measures are urgently needed to tackle the city’s coal smoke, but long-term solutions will also require adopting more modern standards for vehicle fuels.


The transitioning security order in the Indo-Pacific

The Transitioning Security Order in the Indo-Pacific is report that analyses the changing the security order/s of the region and provides some actionable recommendations for India-EU collaboration towards a cooperative security community in the Indo-Pacific.


Asian expert group kicks off project on visions and policies for a gender-just future

New FES project offers platform to discuss evidence-based policy options and implementation strength to tackle gender injustices in the Asia-Pacific region.

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