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Changing the Patriarchal Mindset

When working on issues related to gender one tends to concentrate on whom or where we want to see the change. Thus, often we come across a major stumbling block, namely, how to change mind sets - specially of those who are part of the environment but not our natural allies. Through designing for behavior change FES India along with select gender unit partners have been looking at precisely this challenge.


Photo: FES

Photo: FES

By building empathy for people who are usually not in their focus – the withholders of change – we hope to come up with some interventions that can make a difference for adolescent girls, women in informal work, elected representatives in Panchayats and urban local bodies and ultimately the whole society. 


 So far the group has used various tools such as empathy research approach, Dan Ariely’s concept of design for behavioral change, Edward de Bonos  Six Thinking Hats for constructive critic, and visual story telling .


Based on these tools partner organisations are developing ideas which they will be able to test with other stakeholders from various backgrounds and ultimately learn if and how each idea can be made real.


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