Monday, 22.08.2016 - Tuesday, 23.08.2016 - Bangalore

FES Gender Unit Partner Training “Digitalisation for Social Change “

We are living in an age of digital revolution. The world around us is slowly transforming into one big seamless digital space.




It is affecting the way we communicate, work, live and interact with our surroundings. Automation and digitalization is believed to bring in efficiency and opportunities.

The present government is gearing its flagship programmes in the same direction, with the vision to work towards a “digitally empowered society and knowledge economy”.

With this background, the Women’s Empowerment and Gender Unit of FES India office organized a Training Workshop to understand how socio-economic and political landscape will change with digitalization, specially related to the work in development sector.

The training was attended by all partners of Gender Unit coming from different parts of India, working on issues related to women and work, women in decision making and youth development.

They shared how they use digital platforms and technology to advance their work and what kind of impact is seen on the ground.

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