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Impact entrepreneurs onto a green journey

Impact Investment Primer connected socio-ecological change-makers to the impact investment ecosystem.

Impact Investments Primer

In spite of the claims that trillions of investment dollars are available and are allocated to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, huge numbers of our population continue to remain unserved or underserved. Climate change is upon us, and environmental stresses are multiplying. The fundamental issue is a disconnect between socio-ecological change-makers that have transformative and scalable initiatives – and the investment world that has pools of capital seeking innovation and entrepreneurship.

This called for the need of a training and capacity building series, in the form of an Impact Investment Primer (IIP). 39 change-makers representing social enterprises, corporate CSR, social service NGOs, incubator and aspiring impact entrepreneurs took part in the IIP organised by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung India office in partnership with Second Nature Sustainable Solutions in 2020.

The change-makers attended a 2-part training series, getting acquainted with the fundamental shift in practicing of investing, learning about the 5Ms of impact investment, and understanding investee / investor relationship.

Learn more about the vision of organisers with regards to impact investment, the content of IIP, change-maker’s enterprises and next steps which seek to involve impact investors, system change organisations, market makers, accelerators and incubators in collaborating on socio-ecological transformation in India in this extensive REPORT or take a quick look at this short SUMMARY.

Join the Impact Revolution!! Watch out this space for announcement on next round of IIP!


Mandvi Kulshreshtha is Program Adviser of the Economy of Tomorrow project at the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung India office in New Delhi.

For more information about the FES India work on Economy of Tomorrow Project please contact the India-based Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Office and follow the facebook page for regular updates.

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