Thursday, 06.04.2023

Interactive Map: Social-ecological transformation in cities in Asia

Transforming Asia's Cities: Prioritising Sustainability and Equity through Social-Ecological Transformation

FES Asia

FES Asia

Social-ecological transformation offers a promising solution for Asia's cities to meet global development and climate targets. Over 50 per cent of the world's megacities and urban dwellers are located in Asia. The region is highly vulnerable to natural disasters and climate change, and a combination with existing urban paradigm exacerbates social inequalities.

The transformation prioritises sustainable and equitable development by involving collaboration between government, industry, civil society, the private sector, and scientific communities. This approach inspires individuals to work towards sustainable and just urbanization practices, reducing emissions and preserving natural resources.

Find out more about social-ecological transformation, how cities tackle sustainability and social justice issues, through this Interactive Map. Developed with technical assistance from Kontinentalist, the map offers and easy way to learn more about the challenges Asia's megacities face. Look out for solutions and examples from Indian cities – Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru.

Learn more about the project in the article “A new paradigm for Asia’s Cities”.

Follow the link to explore the map.


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