Thursday, 11.11.2021 | Event

2nd International Sustainability Conference (ISC 2021) - Nov 12-14, 2021

2nd International Sustainability Conference (ISC 2021) - Nov 12-14, 2021

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES India) and SPROUTS brings together global leaders and progressive-thinkers to enthuse, drive action and accelerate a new approach to the climate challenges of present and future. The International…


Thursday, 07.01.2021 | Event

Not Just Roads – A sensory immersion into urban transformations shaping in the peripheries of Delhi

Photo credit: Nitin Bathla & Klearjos Eduardo Papanicolaou

How to portray the massive transformations shaping up in the extended urbanisation of Indian cities through a film? Is a film on this subject even needed if we can read so much about urban transformation already? These were the…


Tuesday, 19.10.2021 | Event

So, what is the New Normal?

Reviving the New Normal conversations as thematic podcasts organised by Forum for Responsible Building and Bakstage.


Friday, 17.09.2021 | Event

Storycrafting as an Approach for Driving Women-led Green and Smart Economy

Storycrafting As an Approach for Driving Women-Led Green and Smart Economy

How to weave the two threads of tech-enablers and roadmap for an environmentally just future for women ecopreneurs together to create a strong narrative for green economy?


Thursday, 15.07.2021 - New Delhi | Event

On the path to Circular Economy and Equitous Consumption

With a series of research, dialogues and multimedia content, FES and Chintan have been trying to create a public demand for circular economy founded on equity, by innovatively intervene in the conversations in India.


Tuesday, 03.08.2021 | Event

Centering Women in India's Digitalizing Economy

Photo credit: ITFC

A step towards empowering women in securing their rights and well-being in India’s digitalising economy.


Saturday, 05.06.2021 | Event

The potential and promise of a New Normal

Image credit: FES India

This World Environment Day, here is a glimpse into a plan for an alternative reality born out of conversations between change makers on “The New Normal: Within me, around me”.


Friday, 16.04.2021 | Event

Impact entrepreneurs onto a green journey

Impact Investments Primer

Impact Investment Primer connected socio-ecological change-makers to the impact investment ecosystem.


Wednesday, 07.04.2021 | Event

Building back better : A Post COVID Future Road map for Women Focussed Green Livelihoods !

Building back better : A  Post COVID Future Road map for Women Focussed Green Livelihoods !

Are women ecopreneurs currently equipped to deal with the new and emerging models of work, disruptive technology and levels of engagement that is driving the impetus towards a greener economy?


Monday, 22.03.2021 | Event

Renewing Forgotten Flows

With dwindling water resources the world over, the need for water conservation has become inescapable. The mass awareness among citizens, their active participation, advances in technology and a better understanding of flood…


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