Thursday, 16.11.2017 - Mumbai | Event, Social Equality

Genderlogue “Sexual Harassment of Women in Colleges and Universities: Concerns and Solutions”

The recent panning out of the #metoo campaign, and the in-famous list naming Indian academicians in social media seemed to be the backdrop of this Genderlogue. They were not.



Monday, 07.08.2017 - Wednesday, 09.08.2017 - New Delhi | Event, Social Equality

Changing the Patriarchal Mindset

When working on issues related to gender one tends to concentrate on whom or where we want to see the change. Thus, often we come across a major stumbling block, namely, how to change mind sets - specially of those who are part…


Wednesday, 12.04.2017 - New Delhi | Event, Socio-Economic Transformation

Shaping India’s Urban Transformation

India’s potential to leapfrog into a service led economy will depend majorly on the extent to which smart urban governance is able to leverage technology in order to bring about the innovation, sustainability and inclusiveness…


Saturday, 01.04.2017 - Tuesday, 04.04.2017 - Delhi and Bangalore | Event, Socio-Economic Transformation

Future of Work

How can India create one million jobs per month for its growing population when even today, in the best of circumstances, the spectre of jobless growth is looming?


Wednesday, 29.03.2017 - Thursday, 30.03.2017 - New Delhi | Event, Social Equality

Three Years of Street Vending Act: Taking Stock and Surging Ahead

The Street Vending Act 2014 is a milestone legislation for street vendors in India.


Monday, 20.03.2017 - Monday, 20.03.2017 - Himachal Pradesh, India | Event, Social Equality

Unseen Shadows - Migration and the barren lives of Changar

Migration of men for work is a universal phenomenon, and the issues arising out of this are common knowledge. What is less known are the severe financial, physical and social hardships faced by the women and families of migrant…


Thursday, 23.02.2017 - Friday, 24.02.2017 - Mumbai | Event

Design Thinking for Social Justice

The women’s movements in India as also the world-over find itself in a crisis.


Wednesday, 22.02.2017 - New Delhi | Event

Genderlogue “Violence against Women in the Natal Family”

Domestic violence (DV) is a concern for young women students many of who experience violence first hand.


Friday, 03.02.2017 - Saturday, 04.02.2017 - Bengaluru | Event

Understanding the Gendered Digital in the Network Society

The gender disparities of the digital often mirror those of the socio-economic terrain. The absence of women in a ‘cradle to grave’ agenda such as Digital India, needs closer attention to ensure that existing gender gaps do not…


Tuesday, 29.11.2016 - Wednesday, 30.11.2016 - New Delhi | Event

Indo-Europe Dialogue : Energy and Urban Transformation

Over forty experts on climate, energy and urban development from civil society, politics, administrations, academics, think tanks, and media came together at the Indo-Europe Dialogue on Energy and Urban Transformation, and …


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