Socio-Economic Transformation

India is in the midst of a transformation. Spurred on by the economic liberalisation in the 1990s, the country has gradually moved ahead on a path of industrial and technological modernisation and a further integration into the global markets. The rise of the middle class has challenged existing traditions and values. Urban areas have become the hub of employment and witnessed social progression, triggering an ever-growing migration towards cities. The thrust for modernisation as well as burgeoning household consumption, over the years, have pushed up the demand for electricity, whose production has mostly been based on fossil fuels, creating social and environmental problems. Consequently, today, the numbers of young Indians that want a future based on new technologies and ideas is steadily on the rise. Furthermore, digitalisation is disrupting old business models and traditions, and new ways of living are emerging.

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Tuesday, 19.10.2021 | Event

So, what is the New Normal?

Reviving the New Normal conversations as thematic podcasts organised by Forum for Responsible Building and Bakstage.


Friday, 17.09.2021 | Event

Storycrafting as an Approach for Driving Women-led Green and Smart Economy

Storycrafting As an Approach for Driving Women-Led Green and Smart Economy

How to weave the two threads of tech-enablers and roadmap for an environmentally just future for women ecopreneurs together to create a strong…


Thursday, 15.07.2021 - New Delhi | Event

On the path to Circular Economy and Equitous Consumption

With a series of research, dialogues and multimedia content, FES and Chintan have been trying to create a public demand for circular economy founded…



Bhatnagar, Aryaman

India and the geopolitics of COVID-19

Turning crisis into opportunity
NewDelhi, 2021

Download publication (1,8 MB PDF-File)

The new normal

within me, around me
NewDelhi, 2021

Download publication (74 MB, PDF-File)

Eckstein, Iona; Mawii, Zothan

Workplace monitoring: data collection practices and emerging risks for low wage workers in India

NewDelhi, 2020

Download publication (1,3 MB, PDF-File)

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