Women's employment

work in progress
NewDelhi, 2013

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Youth agenda for India

a study
NewDelhi, 2013

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Asian media barometer

the first home grown analysis of the media landscape in Asia : India 2009
KualaLumpur;Bonn, 2010

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Pandey, Balaji

Women's alienation

land less development
NewDelhi;Bonn, 2010

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Journey towards empowerment

NewDelhi;Bonn, 2010

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Rajagopalan, Rajesh

Nuclear non-proliferation

an Indian perspective
Berlin;Bonn, 2008

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Srivastava, Leena; Mathur, Riru

India's energy security

Berlin;Bonn, 2007

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[Report of the study on "Women councilors in urban local governments"

Bonn, 2007

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