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17.01.2024 | Event, Socio-Economic Transformation
EV-olution: Aligning the Just Energy Transition in the Electric Mobility Ecosystem with the G20 Framework
India is rapidly transitioning towards electric vehicles (EVs) in different segments. However, there are challenges such as gender inclusivity, range anxiety, standardization, skilling of the…  
Two female government health workers standing across a containment zone during COVID-19 pandemic
16.01.2024 | Social Equality, News
From Toddlers to Enablers: Mobilising Beneficiaries of Community Health Service providers in Maharashtra to Lobby for the rights of ASHA and Anganwadi workers
Poor doctor to patient ratio in India necessitates dependence on community health care workers.  
11.01.2024 | Event, Socio-Economic Transformation
Future of Human Settlements in Urban and Peri Urban areas in the backdrop of Energy Transition
At the heart of a Just Transition debate is the question of livelihoods and social protection. And a look into the future of human settlements keeping in mind those who will be affected in the…  
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19.09.2023 | Event, Socio-Economic Transformation
Climate Actioneers' Primer: A Beginner's Toolkit, launched in Mumbai
”An action a day, keeps climate change away”!!  
05.09.2023 | Event, Socio-Economic Transformation
India's G20 Presidency - Enhancing G20 Collaboration for Climate Change and Salience of Geo-Politics
India's role in the G20 reflects its ascent as a global power, its commitment to sustainability, and its unique approach to climate change amidst a complex geopolitical dynamics.  
04.09.2023 | Event, Socio-Economic Transformation
Digital Green - MSEs' Adoption of Digital Technologies for Environmental Sustainability
The use of digital technologies in MSEs can facilitate a quicker transition towards sustainable and green production processes.  
Rivers as Channels for Green and Social Entrepreneurship
21.07.2023 | Event, Socio-Economic Transformation, News
Rivers as Channels for Green and Social Entrepreneurship
We are Rivers is a short film on highlighting the unfortunate status quo of rivers as urban backyards which is being transformed into stories of successful green and social entrepreneurship.  
28.04.2023 | Event, News
India: Pressing need to prioritise Occupational Health and Safety at workplace – Now!
The International Workers Memorial Day (IWMD) commemorated each year on 28th April by labour organisations around the world is a grim reminder of how precious human lives are lost at workplace. In…  
Climate Justice League - Saving the Planet with the Power of Four
22.04.2023 | Event, Publication
Climate Justice League - Saving the Planet with the Power of Four
A Hindi comic book that urges collective action for a sustainable future  
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