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19.09.2023 | Event, Socio-Economic Transformation
Climate Actioneers' Primer: A Beginner's Toolkit, launched in Mumbai
”An action a day, keeps climate change away”!!  
05.09.2023 | Event, Socio-Economic Transformation
India's G20 Presidency - Enhancing G20 Collaboration for Climate Change and Salience of Geo-Politics
India's role in the G20 reflects its ascent as a global power, its commitment to sustainability, and its unique approach to climate change amidst a complex geopolitical dynamics.  
04.09.2023 | Event, Socio-Economic Transformation
Digital Green - MSEs' Adoption of Digital Technologies for Environmental Sustainability
The use of digital technologies in MSEs can facilitate a quicker transition towards sustainable and green production processes.  
Rivers as Channels for Green and Social Entrepreneurship
21.07.2023 | Event, Socio-Economic Transformation, News
Rivers as Channels for Green and Social Entrepreneurship
We are Rivers is a short film on highlighting the unfortunate status quo of rivers as urban backyards which is being transformed into stories of successful green and social entrepreneurship.  
28.04.2023 | Event, News
India: Pressing need to prioritise Occupational Health and Safety at workplace – Now!
The International Workers Memorial Day (IWMD) commemorated each year on 28th April by labour organisations around the world is a grim reminder of how precious human lives are lost at workplace. In…  
Climate Justice League - Saving the Planet with the Power of Four
22.04.2023 | Event, Publication
Climate Justice League - Saving the Planet with the Power of Four
A Hindi comic book that urges collective action for a sustainable future  
19.04.2023 | Event, Publication
Primers on India and EU Digital Trade Outlooks
Clarifying conversations between India and the EU on digital trade  
17.04.2023 | Event
India Report Launch: Navigating the Transitioning Security Order in the Indo-Pacific
As the geopolitical landscape of the Indo-Pacific continues to evolve, there has been growing interest in the potential for security cooperation between India and the European Union. In an engaging…  
FES Asia
06.04.2023 | Event, Socio-Economic Transformation
Interactive Map: Social-ecological transformation in cities in Asia
Transforming Asia's Cities: Prioritising Sustainability and Equity through Social-Ecological Transformation  
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