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23.12.2019 | Event
Gender inequalities need to be addressed in the field of energy transformation for a sustainable post-carbon future
The potential of women as agents of change for climate mitigation and adaption is untapped the world over. Climate change actions can successfully be implemented through promotion of women’s economic…  
10.12.2019 | Event
Progressive actors need to reclaim control over data and digital intelligence
In the digital world, data is the new power. Whoever owns and controls the data, and the resulting intelligence, has the power to shift development paradigms and goals.  
Image: Cover Design by Rabiul Islam / FES India
07.11.2019 | Event
India's Digitalisation: Development for All?
With a series of analysis, FES in India has been addressing the effects of digitalisation on the Indian economy and society since 2018. With our overview "AI for All - 10 Social Conundrum for India"…  
Photo: FES
24.10.2019 | News, Event
Future of Work calls for wider participation: Lessons from Germany
The future of work offers new opportunities but then challenges are not far behind. Globalisation, technological advancements and demographic changes are impacting the labour markets and society at…  
Photo- FES
13.08.2019 | Event
Mumbai Log
Genderlogues are all about understanding, challenging and churning gender norms to move towards gender equality. Mumbai Log gives you a taste of what we did this year in collaboration with three…  
FES India
07.08.2019 | Event
Let’s get started! Let’s Innovate! Together! 27th to 29th August 2019, Mumbai  
26.07.2019 | Event
Climate-conscious urbanisation can lead to sustainable future
Responsible production and consumption of material goods and resources should become the guiding principle of our survival. Failure to do so can result in annihilation of civilisations and cultures…  
26.07.2019 | Event
Modular training introduced for workers’ organizations to adapt in a changing socio-economic environment
Workers’ organizations need to keep pace with the changing work environment. They need to broaden their horizon and evolve strategies to counter the emerging challenges at the workplace.  
24.07.2019 | Event
End violence and harassment at the workplace says ILO in its centenary year
“Every individual has the right to work and earn a living with dignity. Governments and Employers around the world need to ensure and commit to providing a conducive environment at work free from any…  
10.06.2019 | Event
Workers strive for work life dignity through fulfillment of decent work agenda
Decent work is what the workers’ organisations are striving for globally. The everyday struggle of an individual worker is about getting gainfully employed, freedom to exercise rights at the…  
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