Tuesday, 16.06.2020 | Event, Social Equality

Solidarity with Domestic Workers

Source: FES India

Covid times have brought in many home truths which were earlier, easily brushed under the carpet. For the Indian middleclass families women, men, and all genders the task of managing household chores in the absence of domestic…


Thursday, 11.06.2020 | Event

Creating decent jobs should become a priority

Ms. Sabina Dewan, President and Executive Director of the Just Jobs Network

Jobs are in focus again. Getting employment with basic sustenance income and social protection is the challenge before millions of workers across India. Can decent jobs be created? What can be some of the solutions for this…


Friday, 05.06.2020 | Event

Diversity is at the heart of biodiversity

Today is World Environment Day – and the theme this year is Time for Nature – Biodiversity. An important way of truly protecting biodiversity is to ensure real spaces and respect for cultural diversity, especially of peoples whose…


Wednesday, 27.05.2020 | Event

Call-to-Apply – Impact Investment Primer

Impact Investments Primer Brochure

An Invitation to Socio-Ecological Change Makers. Enrol and learn about impact investing, and how to optimise resources to tackle today's global challenges and to achieve the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).


| Event

International Workers’ Day: Worker inclusive policies are the way forward

Source: FES India

Working people have been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. The vulnerable workforce in the large informal sector of our country, which relied on their subsistence earnings are left striving for their survival far away from their…


Friday, 24.04.2020 | Event

Green India needs transitioning to electric mobility


The future of transportation lies in e-mobility. Favourable policies by government will lead India into a greener future. We are on the right path, however, much needs to be accomplished


Monday, 13.04.2020 | Event

Solidarity in times of COVID 19 in India

Source: FES Partner

In the age of social distancing, which is here to stay in the foreseeable future, new forms of social solidarity are being witnessed. FES partner organisations and their networks, staff and volunteers are committed and engaged to…


Wednesday, 08.04.2020 | Event

The Impact Revolution is here – are you ready?

For those of us dreaming of changes to the status quo, and working on sustainable development, there is hope.



Monday, 16.03.2020 | Event, News

Street vendors hawkers continue to strive for decent living

Decent work realization remains a core objective of the International Labour Organisation. In large economies like India, where the informal workforce is huge decent work deficits are quite visible.


| Event, News

Reaching the Other Side – Journey of RIVERse through Mumbai

The urban rivers of India, often given the mantle of mother goddesses who silently nurtured cities from millennia, if given a voice today they could play a steering role in the health of our future generations.


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