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10.04.2017 | Event, Social Equality
Three Years of Street Vending Act: Taking Stock and Surging Ahead
The Street Vending Act 2014 is a milestone legislation for street vendors in India.  
10.04.2017 | Event, Social Equality
Unseen Shadows - Migration and the barren lives of Changar
Migration of men for work is a universal phenomenon, and the issues arising out of this are common knowledge. What is less known are the severe financial, physical and social hardships faced by the…  
23.02.2017 | Event
Design Thinking for Social Justice
The women’s movements in India as also the world-over find itself in a crisis.  
22.02.2017 | Event
Genderlogue “Violence against Women in the Natal Family”
Domestic violence (DV) is a concern for young women students many of who experience violence first hand.  
03.02.2017 | Event
Understanding the Gendered Digital in the Network Society
The gender disparities of the digital often mirror those of the socio-economic terrain. The absence of women in a ‘cradle to grave’ agenda such as Digital India, needs closer attention to ensure that…  
29.11.2016 | Event
Indo-Europe Dialogue : Energy and Urban Transformation
Over forty experts on climate, energy and urban development from civil society, politics, administrations, academics, think tanks, and media came together at the Indo-Europe Dialogue on Energy and…  
06.09.2016 | Event
Seed Community Meeting "Green Growth and Energy Transformation (Grow GET)"
FES India, together with CUTS International, Jaipur organised the Seed Community Meetings on the theme of Energy Transformation under the "Economy of Tomorrow" project in Jaipur and Kolkata.  
22.08.2016 | Event
FES Gender Unit Partner Training “Digitalisation for Social Change “
We are living in an age of digital revolution. The world around us is slowly transforming into one big seamless digital space.  
22.08.2016 | Event
Digitalisation for Social Change
FES India organized a Genderlogue on Digitalization for Social Change on August 22,2016 in Bengaluru.  
21.03.2016 | Event
FES India - Big Green Initiative
Why Green, Why Big Climate change issues score very high on the development agenda. For a developing country like India, it is not only about environment protection but also about addressing…  
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