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07.06.2018 | News
Celebrating 35th Founding Anniversary!
We are 35!! Young and thriving!!  
29.05.2018 | Event
Redefined Labour Spaces: Organising Workers in Post Liberalised India
With contributions from leading thinkers in the field, the book deepens the understanding of the current Indian labour spaces, possibilities for contestations and articulations from below.  
06.05.2018 | Event
Future of Work and its Impact on Politics and Economy: Looking ahead to 2021
“While the threat of jobless growth looms large over the future, its impact will be felt with varying degrees across sectors and industries. Protectionism, identity politics, populism, coupled with…  
30.04.2018 | Event
Future of Work: The India Story
Automation and digitalization is bringing rapid transformation at workplace and in our daily lives as well. New business models are being evolved on the expectation that workers will forego…  
09.04.2018 | Event, Socio-Economic Transformation
Strategising for Mumbai's Urban Transformation using the Power of Narrative
Civilisations, and consequently urban areas, are found in close proximity to rivers or water bodies. As living entities, we worship them for giving us life and livelihood. However, today, our urban…  
29.03.2018 | Event, Social Equality
Draft Code raises hopes of realising Social Security for All in India
India, being a Welfare State, has taken upon itself the responsibility of extending various benefits of social security and social assistance to its citizens. The Social Security legislations in…  
17.11.2017 | Event, Social Equality
Genderlogue “Sexual Harassment of Women in Colleges and Universities: Concerns and Solutions”
The recent panning out of the #metoo campaign, and the in-famous list naming Indian academicians in social media seemed to be the backdrop of this Genderlogue. They were not.  
21.08.2017 | Event, Social Equality
Changing the Patriarchal Mindset
When working on issues related to gender one tends to concentrate on whom or where we want to see the change. Thus, often we come across a major stumbling block, namely, how to change mind sets - …  
13.04.2017 | Event, Socio-Economic Transformation
Shaping India’s Urban Transformation
India’s potential to leapfrog into a service led economy will depend majorly on the extent to which smart urban governance is able to leverage technology in order to bring about the innovation,…  
11.04.2017 | Event, Socio-Economic Transformation
Future of Work
How can India create one million jobs per month for its growing population when even today, in the best of circumstances, the spectre of jobless growth is looming?  
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